How Bad Is It?

While it’s clear that Nonis wants to be patient with his team, time is already running out for them.  I wrote in a prior post that if they were .500 after 15 games, they could find their way into a playoff position.  They were 7-7-1 after 15 games.

Problem is that they are now past the quarter mark of the season and have made no more progress in getting to the playoffs.  After 21 games, they are sitting at 10-10-1.

The team needs to make progress, .500 hockey isn’t what it used to be with a winner coming from every game played due to the shootout.

Their biggest obstacle?  Goals.  They need one more every game.  At least one more.  They’ve had two wins in the last 10 games where they’ve scored only 2 goals. 

Here’s a quote from an article in the Vancouver Sun (Iain MacIntyre)

“To gather 74 points from their final 61 games, the Canucks need to sustain a winning clip of .600 over the next five months and go, say, 34-21-6 over their final 61 games to make the playoffs.”

So while it’s still early, time is quickly running out for them to win and score more goals.

I heard a caller on the Team1040 complain about the one-way contracts that Nonis had committed to some players that are simply not producing.  His argument was that you now couldn’t send these players down to the Moose and bring up other players to see if they could get more scoring.

I say you can do this.  Consider some of the other players sent down by teams having trouble.  Peter Nedved being the most notable player from this year.  The risk is that you have one of these players picked up by another team on waivers.

But seriously, who is going to pick up Jan Bulis at $1.3m, or Marc Chouinard with a two year contract at $1.1 per season.

Nobody, that’s who.  Just like no team wanted to take a chance on Peter Nedved.

The problem isn’t that he can’t do it, the real issue is that the Manitoba Moose aren’t a scoring machine themselves.  They currently rank 24th in a 27 team league in goals for with an average of 2.44 per game.  That’s almost exactly where the Canucks sit in scoring as well.  The entire organization can’t score.

It’s almost futile to go to the Moose to bring up help because it’s not going to help them anyways.  Take a look here at the names listed and pick out a name you recognize and see if his stats warrant a call-up.

Maybe Nonis shouldn’t have given Bulis, Chouinard, and Burrows one way deals, but the nature of those deals isn’t what’s limiting their options right now.  It’s the complete lack of high end scoring talent within the organization.

Dave Nonis made it clear he thought the organization needed to step up their scouting when he took over the team.  But you now wonder if he’s going to get a chance to prove he can turn it around.  It’s clearly not here yet, but he’s hardly had time to see his picks show up either.

But a consecutive year out of the playoffs would almost certainly spell the end of Dave Nonis in Vancouver. 

That’s how bad it is.  Only a quarter way through the season, and not only are the teams playoff hopes quickly slipping, there is little that can be done to fix it.

The Chief Canuck

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