Game File 22: Canucks 4 Red Wings 3 (OT)

The Good

A great start and a great finish.  A goal on the first shot of the game by a guy who seems to be finally getting some puck luck.

This is the first time since a 5 – 0 win against Chicago on October 25th that the team won a game by scoring more than 2 goals.  I know they scored 4 against St. Louis, but who doesn’t score 4 against them.  That game doesn’t count, this game was against a true competitor… and it definitely counts.

The top line seems to be getting their points, and it’s nice to see Kesler and Morrison starting to chip in more regularly now.  Now for Burrows, Green, Linden, Cooke, Chouinard, Santala, & Bulis to start doing their part.  Yikes that list is long!!

The Bad

Okay, Henrik and Ryan had great games, but how does Brendan Morrison get shut out of the 3 stars when he had the game tying and game winning goals. 

How many more strange goals are going to be scored on the Canucks this season.  Knowing how things always bounce both ways, maybe all their bad bounces will be out of their system early in the year and only good bounces will be left to come.

The Ugly

The Canucks manage only 11 shots on Hasek in the first two periods, then pepper him with 19 in the third.  They showed determination, but what happened in the first two periods?

How did Jan Bulis miss the open cage late in the third.  Out of the entire team, he is the only player where you have to question his effort.  It seems to me the team is being left with no option but send him and his $1.3 million dollar contract to the Manitoba Moose.

For those of you thinking the Canucks are out of the woods with their goal scoring, remember that the team is currently ranked 29th in the league. Behind only the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets.  The same Blue Jackets that have fired their coach already this season due to such poor results. 

The Chief Canuck

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