Game File 23: Canucks 0 Predators 6

The Good

It’s almost an oxymoron isn’t it.  But I can find something.

The Canucks continue to be high in shots on net.  That’s a clear sign that they are being coached well.  34 shots for and 28 against, making a net difference of 6.  That’s shot differential has been pretty consistent all year too.

I know Roberto let a goal in in his short time in net.  But I think this game also tells you exactly what kind of season the team would be having if it weren’t for Luongo.  Sabourin settled down a bit in the third, but was not good in the first two periods leading up to his inevitable pull from net.

The Bad

3 major mistakes by defenseman resulted in 3 immediate goals.

Salo – pinched in, and the Nashville player poked the puck around him to create a two on one.  The problem with this pinch was that it happened at center ice, not in the offensive zone.  That was a poor play for Salo.

Mitchell – Allowed himself to get undressed by a Nashville player along the boards, they simply stepped around him and drove to the net for a goal.  Mitchell was chasing the puck instead of playing the man. 

Coulombe (I think it was Coulombe anyways) – As the only defenseman back on a 2 on 1, he took the guy with the puck.  Wrong move, that’s the goalies job, his job was to take the pass which was perfectly made and resulted in a puck in the net.

Sabourin was hardly to blame for these goals, the team just wasn’t sharp away from the puck tonight.

Daniel Sedin is out with an upper body injury, and didn’t play the last half of the game.  It seems that Naslund and Hank didn’t play any of the last few minutes of a game.

I guess Vigneault wanted to use the hot hands of Morrison in at the end there.

Nashville didn’t score on their first shot, as happened to Sabourin in his only other start.  But it didn’t matter.  Even though the Canucks dictated most of the play, it was Nashville that capitalized on their scoring chances. 

Having a good effort is simply not good enough to win games.

Remember the days of the high-flying offence in Vancouver, where they only had to turn it on for a bit every game and would score 4 goals.  4 goals was the norm then.

2 goals is the norm now.

The Ugly

Arnott, Vasicek, & Upshall were all out of the Predators lineup tonight.  With two of those being centers, that seriously depleted their lineup.

Did you notice that tonight?


The Chief Canuck

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