Game File 24: Canucks 1 Avalanche 4

The Good


The Bad


The Ugly

Out shot, out scored, and out classed in a key divisional match up.  They have been outscored a total of 10 – 1 in their last two games.

While you could normally say that the team out shot and worked the other team, that wasn’t even the case tonight.

If they don’t even do that, they have no chance of winning games. 

Bulis looked particularly bad tonight.  I liked how Kelly Hrudey called him out for having ‘no natural hockey sense’.  I’d say he has no sense at all.  Not only do you see him standing still in the defensive zone, you see him do this in the offensive zone as well. 

I don’t think there is any more to say about tonights game.  Even Dave Nonis seems to be at a loss for words to explain what’s happening with the team right now.

Maybe we’ll get some answers next week though… and from Dave himself.

The Chief Canuck.

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4 Comments on “Game File 24: Canucks 1 Avalanche 4”

  1. sean2006 Says:

    Hey Chief,

    Actually, I thought the effort of Alex Burrows was one of te few bright spots in the gaem against the Avs. Jan Bulis should be traded for cap space. Seriously, give Jannik Hansen a chance. Give a shot to anyone who wants to play, and shows a desire to play both ends of the rink. Heck, call up Bouck and tell the guy, “go hit people”.

  2. Your right, I was just dismayed over the situation the team is in.

    Burrows was flying in this game, and it’s not the only one where you’ve seen this effort. It’s no surprise they signed him to a 3 year one way deal.

  3. Johan Says:

    How about trading bulis and a 2nd round draft pick to the kings for either Kopitar or Frolov, or try and steal Michalek from the Sharks. Also, Marc Chouinard and a couple of picks for Halpern would help, although I don’t know how much Halpern makes, and considering the Canuck’s relatively tight cap room, Kesler for HAlpern would make a lot of sense unless his numbers pick up now. How about Cooke and Fitzpatrick to NYR for Prucha and Tyutin.

  4. You’re right that Nonis needs to do something to shake up the team. But nobody is going to want to take our bag of pucks (bulis, chouinard, etc.) for the likes of Prucha, Tyutin, Frolov, or Kopitar. Those guys are actually talented.

    Especially the LA players. Lombardi has shown in his moves as GM that he’s leaning towards younger guys, going so far as to trade away two roster players earlier this year for the unsigned Eric Johnson. Frolov and Kopitar aren’t going anywhere.

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