Make or Break

It’s still only November, but you have to wonder if the team will be able to pick up their socks at any point this season.

Tonight, the Canucks face the Columbus Blue Jackets.  One of only 2 teams to have scored less goals in the league than they have. 

Look at these statistics of the bottom 7 teams in the league in goals scored: 

24 – Philadelphia, 2.46 GPG, 7-14-3
25 – Phoenix, 2.39 GPG, 8-15-0
26 – St. Louis, 2.32 GPG,  7-12-3
27 – Chicago, 2.29 GPG, 7-12-2
28 – Vancouver, 2.25 GPG, 11-12-1
29 – Columbus, 2.23 GPG, 6-14-2
30 – New Jersey, 2.17 GPG, 12-9-2

Other than NJ, that is a sorry bunch.  Three of those team have already changed coaches (Philly, Chicago, Columbus), two more coaches are rumoured to be next (Phoenix, St. Louis).

The Canucks and New Jersey Devils do sit in better position than these teams around them.  But, you’d have to guess that it’s due to better goaltending, and not their goal scoring.

So, while we know that Luongo needs to be a bit better, the rest of the story is up front with the forwards. 

If the Canucks don’t score more than two goals tonight, or lose the game completely, it would be appropriate to hit the panic button.  Okay, not the panic button, but at least come to the realization that this team can no longer be considered a contender, but rather one that needs to rebuild.

The question will then be, who stays, and who gets sent away in order to rebuild.

The Chief Canuck

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