Not the Wild

The Team 1040 did a poll today asking if the Vancouver Canucks were the new Minnesota Wild.

Right now, officially 57% of you think they are the new Wild.

Here’s why you should realize they aren’t.

Last year, the Wild got very few goals and let very few shots against which is like the current version of the Canucks.  What’s different is that the Wild also got very little in the way of shots on net. 

They ranked 30th last year in shots on goal.  30th is last in the entire league.  They averaged only 26 shots on net, while allowing 30 shots against every game.

This year, the Canucks average 32 shots on net, good for 7th in the league.  They are only allowing 27 shots on net every game, which is good for 3rd.  Those are usually the making of an excellent team.

Consider this, the Minnesota Wild had a shot on goal differential of negative four in every game last year.  The Canucks now have a positive shot differential of five.

That’s a huge difference. 

The reality is that the Canucks are scoring as few goals as the Wild did last year, but their getting to it a different way. 

The Canucks are playing a high-tempo game. 

They simply do not have any finish.  All the scoring is coming from 2-3 players.

That’s not going to get them anywhere except the same result as the Wild had last year…. and that’s a finish out of the playoffs.

The Chief Canuck

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