Game File 26: Canucks 1 Ducks 2

The Good

The food in the suite I watched the game from was good. 

As for the hockey game, it’s always nice to see a guy get his first NHL goal which Edler got tonight.  Strangely, it was recorded as an unassisted goal.

Luongo made save after save tonight, and again kept the Canucks in the game right to the end of the third.

The Bad

Ohlund had 3 brutal giveaways, and one fumble at the blue line when the team was on one of it’s few power plays.  Ohlund was a a minus -1 tonight and is now minus -4 on the year.  That’s not too bad for a guy who’s playing 25 minutes + every night.  But watching the giveaways, you have got to wonder if that is just too much.

The Canucks had 7 penalties to the Ducks 2.  That let to an additional 10 minutes on the powerplay for Anaheim and was the main reason the Canucks came out on bottom of a category they usual dominate, shots on net.  Canucks 24, Ducks 30.

The team lost another game.  That bad, but it’s not the worst thing.

The Ugly

After a stretch of 10 games where the Canucks averaged only 2 goals per game, they broke out against Detroit with a 4 goal game.

In the 4 games since then, they have only 3 goals and one win.  To get that one win, they had to play a team with less scoring abilities than they have themselves.

3 goals in four games.

Let’s put that in perspective.  Of the 20 teams that played tonight, only 3 scored 1 goal or less.  None of them won a game.  Only 6 of the teams playing tonight scored 2 goals or less, and only one of them one.  That was Anaheim.

The team will not win enough games this season to make the playoffs if the goals don’t come.

Other Notes

I liked Vigneaults reaction to questions around the lack of goals with this team. It is to the point of being humorous.  They work hard, they get tons of shots on net, all the indicators tell you that they should be an offensive team.  But instead, nothing.

When Luongo put the team down with an errant shot to clear a puck over the glass, I thought it was interesting that Vigneault threw Henrik Sedin out there as one of the 3 penalty killers.  It was his only shift on the penalty kill all night.  Anaheim’s second goal came after they got in a line change and Henrik was on the bench.

Vigneault used his full bench tonight.  Only two players had less than 10 minutes of ice time, Shultz & Bulis.

The Chief Canuck

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6 Comments on “Game File 26: Canucks 1 Ducks 2”

  1. Johan Says:

    I think one thing has to be said, and that is the canucks have to beat the Avalanche on Saturday, because A), they’re already two games behind in the division series, and B), they need to get really hot, really soon. Is it possible to call Grabner up from the juniors and send Bulis down to the Moose?

  2. Sending Bulis down seems logical to me. If a guy like John Leclair or Petr Nedved can be sent down, why shouldn’t Jan Bulis.

    You can’t ‘call up’ players from the Juniors, but they could get him for the last few games of the year once the CHL schedule completes.

    Unfortunately, it could be too late for them by then.

  3. Johan Says:

    I keep hearing how the canucks are well within the uppermost quartile of the league in a lot of defensive categories, such as PK% and shots allowed, and as you said, the canucks should be a very good team. They have at least 7 good prospects, amongst them a wealth og good goaltenders, so the defence should be excellent for at least the next half-decade. All the canucks need is one, maybe two out and out scorers. Naslund and Salo are both pretty well into their 30’s, so how about trading them in to a team like the hawks for say Havlat and Ruutu, although NAslund’s salary may be an issue. Another solution is to sign either Drury or Briere from the Sabres, as they don’t have the cap space tp resign both of them. I hear that the Penguins will have a similar problem in a couple of years with Crosby Staal and MAlkin, the penguins, remember, were NAslund’s first team.

  4. The Hawks would never make that deal. Neither would Nonis.

    In today’s NHL, if your top players get injured, there is a huge possibility your season instantly goes downhill. Ruutu & Havlat are two of the worst players for getting injured. Both of them are huge talents but not worth the risk to any team but the Hawks who are desperate.

    Drury or Briere may be wise to go after next year, but the asking price is going to be huge!!! I put money on Briere being kept by Buffalo and Drury hitting the open market.

  5. johan Says:

    how about trading bulis or cookie for ales kotalik, who has been stone cold in buffalo, but could just click with the canucks

  6. Bulis has no trade value, but Cooke does. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Vancouver and Buffalo connect on a trade that puts Matt Cooke in a Sabre Uniform. They’ll want a bit of grit up front for a long playoff run.

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