Game File 27: Canucks 2 Avalanche 1

The Good

It’s unbelievable that the Canucks are 1 point out of first place within the Northwest Division.  Their next opponent, Edmonton, is sitting in first.  So despite the fact the team IS STILL AT .500 with a record of 13-13-1, they are not yet out of playoff contention.  With so many key divisional matchups remaining, the only games that really matter to them are these.  Win your division, and you’ll get to the playoffs. 

The crazy part is that so far this season, the Canucks are only 2-6-1 in their division.  If they had even two more wins within their division, they’d solely own 1st place.

I’m not a huge Bob Cole fan, but I did enjoy the broadcast last night.  I found it good to hear some fresh viewpoints on the team.  I know that the guys were a bit outdated on some of their information, but overall, it was a good change.

It was also great to see Bouck & Rypien get into the lineup tonight and play so well.  It continues to make me think that Chouinard and Bulis need to go to the farm.

Luongo was fantastic all game long.  A strange game where the Canucks were out shot by a considerable margin and Luongo was there for each and every shot, no matter how difficult.

The Bad

I stayed up to watch the After Hours show on HNIC.  I continue to hear that it’s a great show and gets players in a more relaxed atmosphere.  So when I heard the Sedin twins were going to be on, I thought this was a perfect time to watch it for the first time.

I was disappointed.  It was basically a re-cap of this article I read earlier in the week on ESPN in an interview by David Amber.

If you saw the show, then read this article, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

While the Canucks have averaged a positive shot on goal differential of 7 all season, they have been out shot by considerable margins in the last two games.  A strange change, but both game were still a lot of fun to watch.

The Ugly

Only two goals again!!!!

They have to get out of this cycle.  They now sit 29th in the league in goals for.  Being able to sneak into the playoffs is one thing, but making any noise in them will mean they need more than that.

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “Game File 27: Canucks 2 Avalanche 1”

  1. sean2006 Says:

    Bouck and Rypien. I’ve been begging for these guys to see some time in the lineup for a little while now. I love how Vigneault really wants Ripper in the lineup, and is so worried about the guy’s hand that he specifically told him, “Rick, dont fight”. Lot of good that did. Great spark with Rip in the line-up.

  2. It was a great spark, but what i found strange was that Rypien and Bouck only played 7 minutes a piece, but had a pretty big impact.

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