Game File 28: Canucks 0 Oilers 4

The Good

36 shots on net…  36!  That’s incredible, yet no goals to show for it.   NONIS, PLEASE HELP!!  We know it’s tough to make a deal, but this really hurts.

Of course, the Canucks also held Edmonton to only 18 shots on goal.  Not that that mattered.

The Bad

Three injuries, but Salo’s has to hurt the most.   Pyatt & Rypien were playing well, and their loss likely had a huge impact in this game, Salo’s absence will be huge if he’s not back in the next game.

Three injuries within only a few minutes at the end of the first, then 2 goals in 34 seconds early in the second. 

A couple of Edmonton’s goals were due completely to miss plays on the part of the Canucks.  Lupuls was especially hard to take.  Krajicek let Lupul walk into the slot off the side boards and rifle a shot past Luongo.  He has to pick his guy up, but this game wasn’t lost because of Krajicek alone. 

The Ugly

What wasn’t ugly about that game.  The first goal bounced off two Canuck players.  TWO!  Have you ever seen such crazy bounces that ended up with two bounces off opposition players and it goes into an open net? 


Then to have two goals disallowed.  That really hurts.  When will the crazy bounces and crazy bad puck luck end?  It has to end.  Things usually have a way of evening out over time in hockey.  But this years run of bad bounces and disallowed goals is over the top. 

On Burrows disallowed goal, you know it was in, but the ref was not paying attention to the play at the net, and didn’t see it.  It was clearly inconclusive on the replays so it had to be disallowed.  Sharp contrast to Naslunds Saturday night goal where it was the goal judge that got that one wrong. 

The Canucks can’t win with either the referee or the goal judge in any situation.

Other Notes

I’m going to be adding links to other teams blogs as we play against that team.  Today, I’ve added three new blogs to review below.  I’ve also added them to the ‘Team Blogs’ section to your right.  Take a look and get their point of view on tonights game (if they post one!). 

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The Chief Canuck

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3 Comments on “Game File 28: Canucks 0 Oilers 4”

  1. Johan Says:

    I know Linnden is at least trying to earn his keep. but what on earth was AV thinking, putti ng Cooke and Bulis, two god awful players on the second line, Bulis especially, a guy who doesn’t try.

    Could the Canucks get a good player if they traded both Bulis and Cooke for a single player. I like the like of a guy such as Antoine Vermette of the Sens.

    And why hasn’t Hanssen, reportedly a guy with a shooters touch, been called up yet.

  2. Linden has been playing considerably better of late.

    Packaging Cooke & Bulis may get you a player like Kyle Calder. But that’s about it. And i’m not sure we want a player like Calder as he’s had trouble scoring this year as well.

    We’ll likely see Hannsen pretty soon in a Canuck uni. Especially if Pyatt and Rypien are both out for another game.

  3. Johan Says:

    Sorry, another trade prospect, but the Canucks have to ship Morrison to Philly for Forsberg, he and NAslund would hve to score, and the Sedins can go back to Pyatt

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