What Do I Really Want?

First of all, the Canucks cannot blow the team up.  Well at least not yet.  With the restrictions placed on teams due to the salary cap, the ONLY time of year you can do this is in the offseason.

Good trades can sometimes happen at the trade deadline, but with that being moved up this year, we’ll see even less of that now and in future years.

I don’t believe that staying the course is an option for Nonis either.  Some have been quick to look at the Canucks current situation as similar to what Ottawa went through early in the year.  While Ottawa got it together, they had buckets of talent that were still there from the prior year. 

The Canucks are not nearly as talented this year, and are still going through an adjustment period from all the off-season changes.  So standing still should not be an option for the team.

But what can you do?  That’s were it get’s tricky.

Obviously not very much.  But look around at what other teams have done.  Pittsburgh waived LeClair, Philadelphia waived Nedved and others.  The reality is that you need to dump some of the guys you have that aren’t delivering.  The ownership group needs to step up and pay the price. 

I don’t even understand why this would be an issue with all the money this club makes.  They had a payroll higher than the salary cap in 2003/04.  Surely their revenues have increased even since then.  They can afford it and need to bite the bullet. 

I believe strongly that hockey clubs need to make money and the owners should get huge returns becuase they’ve made huge investments.  But they need to spend wisely, and when the team makes huge mistakes, they also need to show their commitment to their fans and suck it up.

Candidates for this move would be Bulis and Chouinard.  That frees up 2.4m in salary cap space, but more importantly could create the needed shake up when guys realize jobs on really on the line.

Sometimes addition by subtraction is all that’s needed.

Another option is to try and trade one problem for another.  The thinking here is that guys just need a change in scenery to spark something.  Guys like Kyle Calder in Philadelphia aren’t scoring, but have considerable talent.  You will not be able to steal someone, especially when dealing from a weak position. 

But  you can take a chance that a swap of guys not playing to their potential brings something new to the team and shakes them up just enough to get going.

They just need something to get going.  And if not, there’s always the offseason to talk about big changes.

The Chief Canuck

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One Comment on “What Do I Really Want?”

  1. Johan Says:

    I agree 100% in that there the worst underachievers need to go. That would also be good for AV as it would give more substance to his whole accounatability . Two obvious candidates for the shake up would be Dvorak and Kotalik, as at least Dvorak costs less than Bulis, but is a better player.

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