Game File 29: Canucks 4 Hurricanes 3 (OT)

The Good

Check that out, 2 guys scored their first goal of the season.  It took Chouinard 20 games, and Tremblay 1.

Tremblay ended up with an injury which has kept him from being called up all season. Coulombe & Edler were both called up ahead of him as a result.

I not a big fan of the free agent deals bringing in two former Wild players, Chouinard & Mitchell.  While Mitchell has become a great settling force on the blueline, Chouinard has struggled all season. 

Considering his struggles, I was surprised to see him on the power play.  But doesn’t a big guy in front of the net look good.  You have to think that’s taken a huge weight off his shoulders.  If he keeps getting put on the powerplay in front of the net, you never know what can happen.  Then again, this is Chouinard we’re talking about.

Then again, the power play went 4 for 9.  That’s pretty good.

The Bad

The team was out shot tonight, which is not normal.

A strange game, after out shooting Edmonton 36-18 a few nights before, they get out shot against the Hurricanes and win.

The Ugly

It would have been better to win against Edmonton, a divisional rival.  The teams ability to get into the playoffs is almost solely be decided on by their record against the Northwest Division. 

Let’s see if they can get it done on Saturday in Calgary.

The Chief Canuck

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