Game File 30: Canucks 3 Flames 5

The Good

After lengthy goal less draughts, Bulis and D. Sedin have scored goals in consecutive games.  That’s a good thing.  As strange as it is that Bulis is often caught standing around, on his last two goals, he’s been standing open and in front of the net. 

The Canucks seemed out of it in the second, but fought back to make it a one goal game late. 

The Bad

I despise losing a game with an empty net goal.  The game just ends in such disappointment.

Luongo gets pulled?  He was totally outclassed by Kipper tonight. 

The Ugly

While Luongo’s performance was poor, the fact the Canucks lost against Edmonton & Calgary, their divisional opponents is so poor. 

Forget the wins against Carolina and Columbus, it’s the Northwest division teams that matter.  If they win all those, they’ll get in.

And about the goal scoring, they have now scored more than two goals for two games in a row.  Maybe it’s not such an enormous issue anymore, but the team is still last in the league with an average of 2.17 per game.

The Chief Canuck

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