Game File 31: Canucks 5 Coyotes 2

The Good

Five goals.  Count em, 5.

That makes an average of 4 per game over their last 3.  Their record in those three is 2-1.  If they go that way for the rest of the season, they’re presence in the playoffs will be a given.

4 players ended the night with 2 more points on the scoresheet; Henrik & Daniel Sedin, Kevin Bieksa, and the unlikely Ryan Kesler.

I’ve been waiting for a good scoring night from Kesler before writing this, so here it goes.  Kesler is not yet a $1.9m player.  However, you can rest assured Canuck faithful, he’ll get there yet.  Part of the Canucks current issues in their team depth is that they dealt with Umberger in such an unfavourable fashion that they completely lost him. 

Dave Nonis wasn’t about to make the same mistake with their next first round pick, Kesler.  With such a lack of first round talent on the Canucks team, losing another one would have simply been too much.   He may not make it to a first line center, but he should settle in nicely as the No.2 guy behind Henrik sometime in the next couple years.

Bulis has three goals in three games.  Very strange indeed and I can’t say this is exciting me in any way.  While it’s good he’s helping the team out, I don’t see him as a guy that can push the team very far when the playoffs roll around. 

The Bad

Jovanovski is no longer a Vancouver Canuck. 

There were many many fans that would harp on Jovo.  I can tell you that I was never one of them.

He, and he almost alone, was the heart and soul of this team.  There has been a ton written in mainstream media and on other blogs about this recently, but here’s my .02 cents.  But make sure to check out J.J.’s blog first on this subject.

Jovo was the guy on defense, despite any so called gafs he made on the ice.  Every time I saw a play that almost went the other way, I just thought that nobody else out there has the balls to make a play like that. 

Plus the emotion he brought to the team.  Don’t think that this years Vancouver Canucks are suffering from an identity because of the new coach.  They’re also suffering because they lost the guy with the biggest emotional impact on their team over the past 7 years.

Here’s my most memorable Jovo moments.

4. Scoring a goal and pointing up to heaven after the death of his newborn child.  While I don’t share the same beliefs as him, I do recognize the emotion he had at that moment and how it absolutely overtook him.
3. Any fight he got in, but most particularly when he knocked Adam Deadmarsh out when he was with the Colorado Avalanche.  Jovo always had threw crazy haymakers and showed no inhibitions when he got into it.  It was always incredible.
2. Jovo jumping like crazy in the penalty box after Naslund went end to end, putting the puck on Cooke’s stick and scoring with on a few seconds left in game 7, pushing it into overtime.  I remember it clearly because I turned 30 that day.  The thing I remember most (now that time has healed the wounds) is Jovanovski jumping and screaming with excitement.
1. Okay, I had three.  Leave some comments below with your favorite Jovo moment while here as a Vancouver Canuck.  I’d like to hear some more.

Just one more thing.  The Canucks did the right thing by not signing him to a $6.5m deal per season.  It’s just too much for a guy that misses so many games to injury each season.

The Chief Canuck 

Updated: 8:29am 06/12/12:
The Canucks have catapulted into 29th in the league in the Goals For category with an average of 2.26 per game, passing the lowly Blues.  Next up,  Phoenix and Philly, both sitting with an average of 2.37 right now.

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