Game File 33: Canucks 2 Wild 1

The Good

Another game with a lot of good stuff going for the Canucks. 

After being put on the powerplay unit for the first time in a few years, Linden gets rewarded with a goal on a pass from D. Sedin.  Then, later in the game, Linden makes a great play to get open and breaks across the blue line, only to be pulled down and create a power play opportunity.  Ohlund scored on the ensuing power play.  But did you see how excited Linden was after both those goals.

Being that both goals for the Canucks were the result of Trevor Linden, you’d think he would have been considered for a star, but no, the third one went to Demitra on the Wild instead.

The other guy that deserved a star and didn’t get one was Roberto Luongo.  That had to be one of the best games he played this season.  He was absolutely unbeliveable on so many plays, most particularly in the second and third period when the game was on the line. 

The thing you notice more than anything else is that he never quites and he plays so far out of the paint.  Next time you watch a game, see how far out he is from the crease, he gives shooters no net to shoot at.  It’s why the only goals you see scored on him are the crazy ones.  You know, the ones that bounce of two people and go in. 

Cooke set the tone early in the first period with two solid hits.  He really seems to be getting back the old Cooke we know.  He’s playing his game again and it’s working for him and the team.

The Canucks won another ‘right’ game, this time against their divisional rivals, the Wild.  They need to keep on winning these games, they are the only ones that really matter right now.

The Bad

I believe that this game, being one where they only scored 2 goals, is now the aberration.  They were playing the Wild after all.  At least the game wasn’t boring.

It was far from boring.

The Canucks only managed to get 18 shots on net tonight.  While that may be true, the definitely got their share of scoring opportunities. 

I don’t know if this can be classed as a bad thing, but Pyatt was relegated to the 4th line tonight with Chouinard and Green, playing only 8 minutes.  Actually, all the lines except this one made themselves noticed when they were on the ice.  They didn’t seem to have any chemistry or groove at all tonight.

The Ugly

What was with the extended delay in reviewing the non-goal by the Wild.  It got so bad, that the fans started booing because they were frustrated with the lengthy amount of time the boys in Toronto were taking. 

I loved Roberto’s comment on the disallowed goal, he said ‘that’s a secret between me and the puck, and I’m not going to tell anybody’. 

The reality is that it hit him in the face, which is how he saved the initial shot and proceeded to smother it.

I had a feeling that it may have ended up counting as a goal only because the Canucks have had decisions like that made against them all year.  Perhaps this is a sign that things are really changing for the team.

There was a play in the second period where Krajicek’s stick was being held up in the corner.  It wasn’t just a little bit obvious, but blatantly so.  It was astonishing to not see a penalty called, but that wasn’t the worst of it.  The proceeded to call Bieksa for a roughing call when the puck got smothered by Luongo shortly after the holding the stick incident. 

That isn’t just poor officiating, it’s an officials arrogance getting in the way of calling a fair game.  It’s a referee trying to make a point with a game and showing the players who really calls the shots.

I don’t know which ref called the penalty on Bieksa, but I can tell him that the fans don’t pay to see him make points with the players.  It’s why the top refs still make less than the lowest paid NHL player.

Next up is the Wild…. again. 

The Chief Canuck

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One Comment on “Game File 33: Canucks 2 Wild 1”

  1. sean2006 Says:

    Solid game from the Nucks…. Im thinking they might be trying to ease Pyatt back into the lineup. Maybe he’s still not 100 percent.

    Bulis, forechecking well, looking lively out there! Who’d have thought it was possible?!?!

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