Wild Puck Banter

The Minnesota Wild started out of the gate like a team on a mission.  They had brought some new life to the team with the acquisitions of Mark Parrish, Pavel Demitra, Kim Johnsson, and a new 3 year deal to their own superstar Marian Gaborik. 

The spent over $18m per season in the process and it reaped them huge rewards, going 8-2 to start the season.  But things haven’t been the same for the Wild as they struggle to find their new identity.

Are they still defensively focused?  Are they now a offensive threat?

Their recent record over the last 21 games has been a dismal  7-12-2.  They’ve only won 1 of those 7 games in regulation and have needed the shootout to win 5 more of them.

In an effort to get local bloggers thoughts on their respective teams, I was only able to find one Wild Blogger who goes by Wild Puck Banter.  He has become so dismayed with the Wild, he’s taking a few weeks off to come up with some new thoughts on his team.

The Canucks need to show a kick em when their down mentality on Tuesday night when they fly into Minnesota.  These are the games that matter.

The Chief Canuck

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