Trade Naslund?

In two words.  NO WAY!

At least not in the middle of the season.  I sent Rick Ball an e-mail today, as his poll questioned completely incensed me. 

I find it extremely disrespectful of organizations that trade their captain away in mid-season, especially if that captain has been a long serving one.  A captain emotionally expends themselves on the team and city, trading them mid-season shows poor form on the part of the organization.  It’s a slap in the face, and one that Nazzy does NOT deserve.

In addition, significant moves are now made at the seasons end.  You will never get fair market value if a mid-season trade is made for a player like Naslund. 

This is the all-time leading Canuck goal scorer.  He will have been captain longer than Trevor Linden was in a Canuck uniform by seasons end.  It’s disgusting to think that the team would ever consider trading him mid-season (for the record, Canuck brass have never indicated they would do this, and Naslund has a no-trade clause).

However, just as Linden’s trade away from Vancouver catapulted and redefined the image of the team, so could a Naslund trade.  But not until the summer. 

Summer is when all the real action takes place with the contraits now seen with the salary cap.  Summer is when you set and commit to a direction for the next season.  Summer is when you decide who your key guys are and you spend the big bucks on them.

Not now, and not at the trade deadline. 

Add to that, Naslund is leading a team through thick and thin, and all the time he’s had a shoulder injury and a flu bug recently as well.

And we hear nothing from him.  No complaints… at least not from him.

The Chief Canuck

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