Death of the Orca

One of John McCaw’s earliest significant moves as the sole owner of the Vancouver Canucks was to bring a new uniform to the team.

The orange, yellow, & black colours and the Canuck skate and striping had been in use in one shape or another since the late seventies.  While it had transformed from it’s orignal ‘flying v’ to a symbol of the skate, it was still using the same basic design.

McCaw wanted to put his stamp on the Canucks and that meant a new image.  With the name of the company that owned 100% interest in the Canucks and GM Place being Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment, he proceeded to put an Orca on the new Canuck jersey as it’s logo.

But McCaw is now gone, and you should expect to see the Orca leave town soon too.

The Canucks are playing over 20 games in their original stick and C logo this year.  Rumour is that is what new owner Aquilini wants to have the Canucks play in full-time next year.

I like the retro jersey.  What’s better than a hockey stick and a big C and what looks like a hockey rink on a jersey.  Nothing.  That’s what’s better.  Sometimes the simplicity of it makes it all the more appealing.

This jersey has had an interesting history though.  Take a read at this article on for some history on the man that designed it and it’s reintroduction to the Vancouver market a few years ago.

The Chief Canuck

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