Canucks at the World Junior’s

Surprisingly, there are four Canuck draft picks playing in the World Junior Championship tournament this year. 

I say surprisingly becuase the team has no depth right now.  We all know this when we look at the bare cupboard here in Vancouver, then again in Manitoba. 

Here’s a prior post I put up about this very fact.

Regardless, we have players over there, and you might as well learn a bit about them.  READ THIS  article written for that will outline who these guys are, then go check out their stats below at for some additional information.

Canada: Luc Bourdon (1st round, 2005)  

Slovakia: Mario Bliznak (7th round, 2005)  

Sweden: Daniel Rahimi (3rd round, 2006)  

Switzerland: Juraj Simek (6th round, 2006)

Rahimi is playing somewhere deep in Sweden right now, so there are no stats for him.

The Chief Canuck

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