Game File 38: Canucks 6 Flames 5 (OT)

That was fun!!!

Go check out the comments from the last game at  When I was reading it, I couldn’t help but think that if you switched the Calgary names with Canuck names, it’s almost the same story we read consistently here. 

It tells you how difficult a time all the teams in the Northwest Division are having.

The Canucks started the day in 11th place in the West.  With losses by Colorado, Minnesota, and Calgary, with a with by the Canucks, they now sit 1st in the division and 3rd overall in the West. 

That is crazy.

An old fashioned shoot out.  The Canucks are now 12-2 on the season when they score 3 or more goals.

Same old story score 3 or more and they win.

Naslund picked up a point tonight, but he sure is suffering.  Ohlund finished the night with 2 points, but he seems off his game as well.

On the other side of the coin, Daniel picked up 3 points tonight and seems to have gone on a tear recently.  Hopefully he can keep the pace going for a bit.  When the Sedins are clicking, the rest of the team has a much easier time of it.

And finally, they scored a short handed goal.  Being the only team in the league left to accomplish this feat this year, maybe that was all that was needed to change their puck luck for the rest of the season.


The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “Game File 38: Canucks 6 Flames 5 (OT)”

  1. Richard Says:

    It was interesting to see a team beat Kiprusoff like that. Weird division, the Northwest. You got to think one team will assert themselves, but who? Perhaps Colorado’s young lpayers keep improving and they’ll pull away, but as long as they keep putting Theodore out there, it’s hard to have much faith. Maybe Luongo will get hot and carry Vancouver a ways.

  2. coco Says:

    What about the Canucks vs Edmonton Game?????

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