World Jr’s: Canada 2 Sweden 0

I love this time of year.  The office is always operating at a slower pace, and more importantly, the TV’s are on in the lunchrooms with all the World Junior hockey games.

Except this year, I’ve changed companies and there are no TV’s.  Anwhere. 

But fortunately for me, has found a way to broadcast these games live over the internet, so I’ll still get to watch them all.  Mind you, it’ll be by myself as there are no real fans here.

The Good

Carey Price was phenomenal in his first game of the tournament.  Absolutely phenomenal.  I wondered how good this kid would ever be after being cut from last years World Junior team.  How does a player go from being picked 5th overall, to not making the Canadian team the following year?  The spoke about this at length in the broadcast, but Price looked like a man among boys on the ice yesterday.

He was consistent, calm, focused, and always in the right position to save pucks there was no way he could see.  And he covered a many glaring errors made by the Canadian skaters.

The Bad

They didn’t let Sweden score a goal.  I always like the hosting country to have a good time and get a medal.  It would have been nice to see Sweden get to celebrate at least one goal in their first game.

I thought Backstrom would have had one for sure.  That kid is absolutely amazing.  Watch for him to be a force throughout this tournament.

As for the Canadians, it looks as if their having trouble on the larger ice surface and were consistenly out of position.  They also had trouble reading the boards and positioning as well.

The next game against the USA should see some big adjustments in their approach.  Look for some adjustments in the forward lines today, and maybe even one with the defense. 

The Chief Canuck

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