World Jr’s: Canada 6 USA 3

A fantastic and exciting game to watch, all the way to the end.

Canada had a melt down in the second period and almost fell apart.

A few highlights:

A stick was thrown at Jonathon Toews (pronounced Taves) and he was awarded a penalty shot.  It was a great goal, with Toews absolutely flying towards the net with a huge amount of speed.  I think the goalie was pushed back quite far in his net as a result.

While that goal had put them up by two goals again, the USA battled back and scored a goal while plowing into Carey Price.  It clearly should have been a penalty with no goal being awarded, but as always in international play, the officiating was questionable.

But the Canadian team battled back and Darren Helm (have you ever heard of this guy before today?) drove down the wing, fought his way past Eric Johnson, crashed the net, and scored a goal in the process.  It could have been a penalty for goaltender interference, but we’ll call it even.

It was great to see Coach Hartsburg reward Helm for his play by having him out on the ice in the final minutes of play which allowed him to get a second goal in an empty net.  He showed real leadership and poise waiting to get over the center ice line before shooting the puck down the ice at the open net.  If he had shot earlier and missed the net, he would have called for icing.

While there were three goals, it was good to see that the team found different ways of winning.  They now realize that they can rely on Price, but won’t necessarily have to.

Canada now has 6 points in their group, good for top spot.

The Chief Canuck

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