World Jr’s: Canada 3 Germany 1

Canada secured a spot in the elimination round with their third consectutive win. 

The Canadians came out and did not take the Germans lightly as the US had done a few days prior.  The result was a hard fought, if not boring at times, win.

There were definitely some great plays in the game today despite the tightness throughout.

Russell looked sharp today.  I was looking for him post game on the ISS Rankings and he’s not rated.  I would think that if he can keep it up throughout the tournament his stock will considerably rise. 

The analyst talk alot about Cogliano’s speed. The kid is super fast, and he’s got some hands to boot.  A nice combination that Edmonton is likely very pleased about.

I missed whot the players were, but at one point, a Canadian forward had a shot off the post, only to have another player immediately have a shot of the crossbar. 

All in all the Canadians showed a high level of competitiveness throughout the game, and a huge level of maturity in the way they approached the game.

The Chief Canuck

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