Around the Blogosphere

I sometimes come across interesting stuff on other blogs.  Here’s some of the more recent posts I’ve read.

Wild Puck Banter discusses his disgust with the rotating captaincy strategy that Lemaire has used in Minnesota.  I always thought that was a strange process and am glad it never made it’s way out west.  I guess some of their fans feel the same way.

Over at Covered in Oil, they welcome back the lovely Veronica Varekova and her husband Petr Nedved.  I wonder why Veronica never took the media hit Pronger’s wife did for her dislike of the cold?

Trouble at Cheli’s Chili bar in Detroit reported by Behind the Jersey.  Isn’t this type of craziness reserved only for rap artists and the NFL?  Then again, it is Detroit.

You can read a nice post about Yzerman’s banner raising event over at Kukla’s Korner.  Actually, it’s more a tribute post than anything, but Stevie Y was one of the best.

The Chief Canuck

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