Voting For Rory – Controversy

I’ve completely ignored this story since it’s inception a few months ago.  It’s not that I don’t have any interest in it, but instead, that I felt rather indifferent about it. 

For the record, I did vote a few times for Rory despite my indifference.

Why not.  He’s a good guy and sometimes I like the underdog to win.  It’s why we all still love Rocky Balboa so much and our 1982 Canucks.

 No harm, no foul as they say.

That was until two Canadian hockey icons, Don Cherry & Wayne Gretzky, beaked off about Rory Fitzpatrick attending the All Star Game should he actually be voted in.

I am huge Cherry & Gretzky fans.  I don’t always agree with Cherry’s comments, but Gretzky and Cherry have the highest level of passion from any hockey person involved in the sport.  They are truly a refreshing change from the static comments received in other parts of mainstream media and from hockey organizations in general.

But I think they’ve simply gone too far this time and have slapped the fans directly in the face with their recent comments on Rory.

If the fans vote Rory in, then it’s the fans Gretzky and Cherry are saying don’t count in this sport.  If they are truly upset with the fact that a journeyman NHLer can get voted into the All-Star game, then they should focus their comments at Gary Bettman.  He’s the guy in charge that changed the format allowing for write-in votes to the All Star game.

If you think it’s such a joke, tell Bettman.  Tell him why it you think it soils the All-Star event.  But don’t even think about calling Fitzpatrick a joke.

The only joke here is your self centered comments that show no appreciation for the fans that gave you the privileged life you get to lead today.

The Chief Canuck

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