Game File 41: Canucks 2 Stars 1 (SO)

The Good

A season high 5 consecutive win.  And they won this one on tired legs and with only one regulation goal.

While they still need to focus on the number 3 (as in number of goals they need to score to win hockey games), all three tilts with the Stars this year have ended in 2-1 finishes.

Ohlund has been on fire offensively lately.  He has had goals in so many games recently, he now is tied with Bieksa for 5th on the team in goals.

Dallas is not a team we’ll be chasing down the stretch, so there is no worries in giving them an extra point.

The team was generally tired tonight.  They looked like they wanted to battle hard, but hardly had the energy to fight for a puck.

Fortunately for them, the penalty kill was on fire tonight.  Especially late in the third, and into overtime with the game on the line.  Dallas would have possession for extended periods often, but the Canucks kept them to the outside for the most of it, frustrating the Dallas Stars.  And when they did get it on net, Luongo came up huge time and time again.

The Bad

I believe in our captain, Markus Naslund.  But you have to know his confidence is failing when he misses the puck, then skates in so slowly towards Turco on the shootout, it really makes you wonder.  I was a bit shocked that Vigneault picked him to shoot first, but he is the teams scoring leader for 7 consecutive years.   Don’t forget that.

The team is tired and needs a rest.  I think 5 consecutive wins deserves a day off.

Hopefully, Vigneault does it so that we can have a refreshed team on Friday when the Oil come to town.

The Ugly

So the team was tired, and that likely tells you why the shots on net favoured the Stars by a margin of 40-21.  It was not a Canucks hockey game by any means.

So don’t worry fans, this game is not a sign of things to come, but rather, just a blimp on the radar.  And a good blip at that because they picked up two points and the divisional lead again.

Other Notes

Have you ever noticed that when players attack the shoot out with high speed, the goalies panick a bit and move too quickly into their net.  It gives the shooter a bit more opportunity and ability to get the puck in the net. 

Luongo was named the games first star and got a huge standing ‘o’.  Deservedly so too.  But he showed what a true class act he is by skating across the ice and putting his stick over the glass and giving to a kid in the stands.

That was a very generous and considerate move. 

The Chief Canuck

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3 Comments on “Game File 41: Canucks 2 Stars 1 (SO)”

  1. Johan Says:

    i know its still relatively early days to call the season, but it looks like we’re past the worst of it. We can win no matter how much we score, and we’ve got one of the best PK’s in the league. Such a turnaround, i can’t even think of a trade suggestion.

  2. I’d like to see if we could get some more scoring. I still think Scott Hartnell would be a good fit on the team. And Poile will likely lose him at the end of the season as he’s a UFA and I know Poile is still hurting from losing Witt last year, so he’s likely not going to want to go through that again this year.

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