World Jr’s: Canada 2 USA 1 (SO)

There were quite a few less goals this game than when Canada met the USA in the round robin.  The US had come quite a ways though in developing as a team since then though.  They had slowly gained momentum throughout the tournament and found their way into the Quarter Finals.

But that may have also ultimately led to their demise.  Being less than 24 hours out from their match against Finland, fatigue likely became a factor for this team.

Well, there was that, and the great play of Carey Price.  He continues to look like a man among boys.  He is so calm, but also so well positioned and confident.  He’s came up huge in this game and won it for the team.

Canada played from an unfamiliar position most of the game, being down by a goal.  But they battled, and finally in the last half of the third period were able to tie it up.  A shot by Canuck prospect Luc Bourdon  on the powerplay did the trick.

And the rest they say is history.  Well not yet, there still is Russia to come.  And they’ve dominated only the way Canada has, well maybe even a bit more.

Both teams are unbeaten to this point, but Canada has scored only 14 goals compared to the Russians 20.  As a matter of fact, Canada has no single player in the top ten in scoring in this tournament.

Price will need to come up with another big big game if the Canadian team expects to bring home yet another gold medal.

The Chief Canuck

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