Newcomer – Jeff Cowan

Junior Team: Guelph Storm, Barrie Colts

Notable Teammates: Jeff O’Neill (Toronto); Todd Bertuzzi (Florida); Jan Bulis (Vancouver) Matt Cooke (Vancouver)

Best CHL Season: 52 points in 66 games

NHL Draft: undrafted

First Pro Contract: Calgary Flames ECHL Minor League affiliate Roanoke Express

Traded: 2002 traded by Calgary to Atlanta

Traded: 2004 traded by Atlanta to L.A.

Best NHL Season: 24 points in 58 games

Jeff already knows 2 players from the team.  Actually he knows them becaused he’s played with both Matt Cooke and Jan Bulis previously in Barrie.  It should help make for an easy transition to the team. 

Jeff Cowan is not just a fighter, but he can definitely pack a punch.  He is a seasoned a durable 4th liner that will bring a toughness factor the team currently is missing.

With the number of forwards available on the Canucks, it’s likely he won’t be dressed every night, but look for him to get into contests where the team is playing a divisional opponent and you know we dont’ want to be pushed around.

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “Newcomer – Jeff Cowan”

  1. Richard Says:

    I’ve been a fan of Cowan for a while. I’ve thought his production per minute has always been good and that he merely has not gotten enough time in any of his spots. This is not to say that I necessarily think he should have gotten more time in the situations he was in. I just think, in the right place, this guy could work his way to 12-to-16 goals.

    Is Vancouver that place? My instinct says no, but as you note, there are situations where he would be needed. If McCarty is being excessively pesky, Cowan is a nice tonic.

  2. […] about  Luongo, but Cowan has been incredible.  5 goals in three games!  I had a guy comment on the post I originally made about Cowan when he joined the team.  He felt strongly that if Cowan got a […]

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