Game File 42: Canucks 3 Oilers 2 (OT)

The Good

The Canucks are on an unbelievable 6 game winning streak now.  Truly unbelievable.

They are now 15-2 when scoring 3 or more goals.  That has to be one of the craziest stats this team has.  It tells you that if they can keep gelling like they have been lately and continue to get the goals, then they are almost unstoppable with Luongo in net.

Daniel had another strong game tonight with a goals and really strong play against a tough Oiler team.

But it was Matt Cooke that stole this game for the team.  He was driving the Oil crazy all night with big hits, an early goal, and finally a huge play in overtime giving them the win.  Very deserving of the first star tonight.

I had felt that the Canucks had got to Roloson early in the game and expected to see him let in at least a few bad goals.  The goal by Cooke from the corner wasn’t a good one, but I still figured there be more.  It was fun to watch Roloson throw his stick in the air in disgust when Cooke scored his second goal in OT.  I always enjoy seeing goalies lose their cool.

The Bad

The broadcast tonight was focusing on their 9-1 record in overtime, which is great.  But what would have been better is for them to have won in regulation and not have given them a point.

For the record, they are 2-1 in OT when scoring less than 3 goals and 7-0 when scoring 3 or more. 

The point is that they need to get to magic number 3 to win games.  They don’t need 4 goals like Buffalo does, just 3.  Their defense is that good.

Another crazy statistic for you is that while the team is on a 6 game winning streak, they have also been outshot for the past 5 games (in one of those games they tied in shots).  Shots are down, but goals are up?  A bit of an inconsistent statistic, but clearly it shows they simply have more confidence. 

The Ugly

Markus Naslund is looking worse.  I know over at JJ’s blog, he was thinking (maybe just hoping) that Naslund would break out of his slump tonight, but that was not to be.

He injured his hand a bit in the game, taking a nasty shot from the puck (if I recalled the play correctly?), and looked uncomfortable after that.

As good as Cooke was tonight, he was able to double his goal production on the season with only two goals.  Here’s hoping he’s got a bunch more waiting to come out.

Other Notes

It turns out that Bergeron was again responsible for an Edmonton overtime loss. 

Over at covered in oil he’s posted a little blurb on their last game against Dallas with that crazy bounce that allowed Edmonton back into the game.  I’d like to know how he thinks of Bergeron after tonight’s blunder.

The Chief Canuck

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