World Jr’s: Canada 4 Russia 2 (GOLD MEDAL)

A Championship game, and the Canadians took it to their Russian rivals for the third consecutive time in 3 years.

The game was thought to be over after Canada score 3 quick goals (in 2:27 of play) in the first period.  But while their fast scoring pace died off, they were able to hold on until the end for the win.

You would have thought that after being down by three goals in the first period, the next 40 minutes could have been pretty boring.  But it was far from it.  The Russians came out fighting.  And put constant pressure and pucks on Price to get back into the game.  They made a game of it, but simply could not solve Carey Price.

He was clearly the reason the team had come this far, and were able to hold on to the win.

I’ve learned a bit about a lot of these guys.

Luc Bourdon is a good hockey player.  As a Canuck fan I had been disappointed with him, but it seems to me that he will be just fine with a bit more maturing.  The team made the right choice in sending him down and having him get some confidence back.

Andrew Cogliano is one of the fastest skater’s I’ve seen.  This kid is like lighting on the ice.  TSN did a piece with him where they called him Flash because of his quickness.  He doesn’t seem to top out and always finds another gear when needed.  Watch on replays how tight he can turn and keep his speed too. 

Carey Price had disappointed me last year.  I drafted him in a keeper pool I’m in a few years back and everyone had a good laugh at me.  Who’s laughing now?  Did I mention he won the tournament Most Valuable Player award?

Steve Downie is a dirty little player isn’t he.  I’m not surprised that Philly drafted him.  He fits their style of play completely.  I also would like to ask all you guys that have been booing Erik Johnson to stop.  Downie faked it.  Boo him, not Johnson okay.  Johnson is an excellent hockey player and didn’t resort to any sort of retaliation on Downie for his lack of respect for the game.

Kris Letang.  I never heard of him before the tournament this year.  But I definitely know him now.  Pittsburg still would like a big stud on defense, but Letang is a great puck moving one.  Who isnt’ jealous of Pittsburgh’s embarrassing assembly of talent.  It’s truly disgusting for all that to be with one team.

I finally know who Taves is… (spelled Toews).  Last year, I had no idea who they were talking about. 

So that’s it for this year, a 6-0 record again, and now a cumulative 18-0 record over the past 3 years.

The only concern I have is the Juniors team continuous drop in scoring over those three years.  They only scored 20 goals this year, while scoring 41 3 years ago.

We’ll have to wait til 2008 to know if that trend continues.  If it does, they’ll be hard pressed to repeat as champions and continue that win streak.

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “World Jr’s: Canada 4 Russia 2 (GOLD MEDAL)”

  1. Baby Jebus Says:

    If they win 4 in a row, people just wont want to play anymore.

    Like the argument about the Canadian women’s team scoring so much against Italy. Sure it’s the point of the game, but if you dominate, no one will care.

  2. They won 5 in a row in the mid 90’s and other countries still come out to play. How do you explain that??

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