Game File 43: Canucks 4 Panthers 3 (SO)

The Good

Naslund ended the scoring slump.  Any he looked like he actually enjoyed scoring that goal and pumped both his arms when he realized it went it.  Nice work Captain.

He firmly holds second place on the team in goals.  It tells you goal starved this team was early on if he’s been on an 18 game goal less drought and still holds second.

Linden played well again and Henrik set him up nicely for his sixth goal of the year.  While his totals are still low, he’s been on fire lately.  That extra 4-5 minutes on the power play have been reaping huge dividends. 

Interestingly enough, Linden played almost twice as much time on the power play as Naslund last night. 

I think the team has made a significant adjustment in the last few games to get to a point to have this exceptional win streak of 7 games.  And it has to do with coaching.

For the first part of the season, the one thing the Canucks did was keep the shots against them low, and they got a ton of shots on net.  They were consistently outshooting their opponents by six shots every game.  That’s changed in the last 7 games. 

They are now being outshot by more than 8 shots every game.  But they’re also scoring more than 1 more goal every game than they were before.  They are almost at 3.6 goals per game now (past seven games only, compared with 2.25 prior to this.

And their letting more shots get to Luongo.  Instead of trying to protect him, their letting them get through, but they also make sure he can see the shot.  If it sees it, he’s going to stop it.

On the flip side, they’re taking more chances because they know they have Luongo in net, and it’s generating good scoring chances for the team on a consistent basis.

The difference is incredible.  They are an unbelievable 16-2 on the season when scoring 3 or more goals.  The adjustments they’ve made have let them do that.  We knew Luongo was a game saver in net.  Vigneault is now finding a way to let him do that, and helping the rest of team get up ice to get the puck in the net.

The Bad

The team let another short handed goal in.  A weak one at that.  I wonder if Luongo lost a bit of concentration on that one.  He admitted to being a bit fatigued during the game. 

Watch for Sabourin to get in net here soon.

Another interesting stat.  Jan Bulis, who was brought in for his potential on offense, did not play at all on the power play last night.

The Ugly

Despite the teams 7 game win streak, they are only 3 points up on Calgary who have 3 games in hand.  And the Canucks don’t get back into action again until Thursday, when the Minnesota Wild come to town to visit. 

Yes, another important divisional match-up.  But this time, the Wild will have their all-star Marian Gaborik back in the line-up.

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “Game File 43: Canucks 4 Panthers 3 (SO)”

  1. coco Says:

    Hey chief…just wanted to hear your opinon on the sedin’s and naslund’s performance in the overtime shoot-out. To me it was a little disappointing to see them skate so slow and just try to tap or fan it in net…I mean they should be showing some passion for these Shoot-out opportunities. I mean look at Kessler..he’s gotten 2 goals in the last 2 shoot-outs..and he fires them in, and green..he also went fast into the net..and BAM got a goal…i think these more experienced guys can learn a thing or two from these young guys…especially in the shootouts..I mean if you have a passion for the game and want to WIN the game…THEN DO IT!!! SHOW IT to your fans right?? Also…this is my pointer to the sweds is…SKATE quicker to the net…and maybe you’ll get your goal in net because the goalie wont have as much time to see your Awesome Stick Handling Skills!!! Thats my opinon!

  2. coco, if only they had half your passion!!

    I wrote about it after their last shoot out. They (especially Naslund who has been horrible in the shootout since it began last year) need to advance to the net with great speed.

    The guys that do that are the ones that score a lot. I think it has a lot to do with the ability to push the goaltender back into his net quicker than he’d want to, which gives advantage back to the shooter.


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