What Happened to Sportsnet?

Here is a tale of two networks.

Sportsnet hits the scene and comes on with a bang.  Their format of ‘your home team. first.’ was a huge hit, and still is in some respects.

But they’ve lost a step.  And TSN took it, a step forward that is.

In the last few years, here is a small glimpse into what you’ve seen happen over at TSN:

Live streaming video of the World Junior Tournament.
All games available in HD.
All NHL broadcasts in HD.
Wendy’s Friday Night CFL Football (in HD).
Rights to the CFL Playoffs and Grey Cup.
Scooped Brian Williams, Chris Cuthbert, and Darren Dreger.
And still retained all the great talent they had already accumulated.
The first daily news program in Canada to broadcast in HD.  Now that’s cool.

Personally, I’m always tuned in channel 308 (Shaw network in Vancouver) as that is the TSN HD feed.

I’ve all but forgotten about Sportsnet.  I spent a bunch of money on a 40″LCD Samsung TV, Shaw HD PVR, and HDMI cables.  All so that I could see crystal clear sports and other entertainment in my home.

It’s awesome.  It’s so good, I only surf HD channels now.  I’d rather watch a show in HD that I would otherwise not have watched, than a show I previously preferred simply because the image is that much better.

It’s why I don’t get to channel 22 anymore (Sportsnet).  Now, I know that Sportsnet has an HD feed, but it’s not feeding me.  It doesn’t have my 10 update with Don Taylor.  It doesn’t have my home team. first. 

So it doesn’t have me either.

There has been a lot of talk this year about the 45 games Sportsnet is broadcasting for the Vancouver Canucks this year and the fact none are available in HD.

When I heard about the changes coming to Sportsnet with their new and fresh approach, Sportsnet Connected.  I was excited. 

Maybe, just maybe, they realized they’re getting left in the dust and are making the quick and significant change to get updated.  Not with just another new look, but with HD.

But that’s not what happened.  Don Taylor showed up last night at 10pm, only on channel 22 with only a few changes; no tie, a new set, and new visual effects (although the ticker bar at the bottom didn’t change). 

Big Deal.  Where’s the HD?

I found it later on channel 301 at 11pm.  There was Donny in HD.  But I flipped to TSN, if they don’t want to show me my home team. first. at 10pm in HD, then I’ll go to the guys that have made that a priority.  The guys that do every broadcast in HD, including every sporting event they have the rights to.

All I want is Canucks hockey in HD and my home team. first. every day in HD at 10pm.

Come on Sportsnet.  You missed your big chance at redemption, but time isn’t completely up for you yet.  It’s just getting close.

The Chief Canuck

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