Your Home Team. First. Sportsnet Connected in HD

I think the guys at Sportsnet read my rant yesterday on how disgusted I was about the fact I didn’t get Don Taylor in HD at 10pm. 

Last night, he was there, on channel 301 in HD.  And I also had the opportunity to watch the early show in HD as well, and it was fantastic.  They had some new segments, my favourite female sportscaster Martine Gaillard (only marginally ahead of Jody Vance), and a very enthusiastic Jim Lang on the updates.  I never liked that guy until last night. 

One thing in particular I found interesting was with updates on games that went to a shootout.  They’ve changed the format to show you the update on the scoring when highlights from the 4 periods had ended, then showed you highlights on the shootout and the details on the scoring after.  A shift from the normal, and it’s good to see them changing with the changes in the game.

Now, if only they can get us the Vancouver Canucks in HD.

The Chief Canuck

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3 Comments on “Your Home Team. First. Sportsnet Connected in HD”

  1. John Joseph Says:

    Being a Leaf fan is so much more fun when CBC has a Leaf game in full HD every Saturday. Now if only the team could play to its potential….I’d be in heaven.

  2. Alan Says:

    Man I am so on board with you about the HD issue.
    I have a Sony Cineza projector and HD service and man games in HD are mindblowing when the camera at the ice is decent. Currently though the only HD games I get are Hockey Night in Canada and thats not on Sportsnet.
    I emailed Sportsnet my concern, about how I was paying for their HD channel, yet all I seemed to get was HD sports news and very few games. Their reply was to tell me some BS about a deal with the NHL that wouldn’t allow them to show games in HD on their HD channel.
    I no longer subscribe to that channel, it’s a shame, I like to support my local companies and teams, but until they wise up, they have lost that support.

  3. I have heard so much about Martine Gaillard,could you plz send me a photo of her? Thanks

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