3 Goals

That seems to be the magic number the Canucks need to win games.  In games where they’ve scored 3 or more, they are now 17-2.  In games with 2 goals or less, they are 8-17-1.

That is a huge difference in the standings.


It’s true that other teams would have similar results, but similar is not the same.  If you look at the Northwest Division, you’ll see that there is a clear distinction in today’s standings and this result.  You’ll also see that it tells you a lot about these teams goaltending and defensive play.

NORTHWEST DIVISION (team scores 3 or more goals)

Calgary – 26 GP 21-3-2
Colorado – 27GP 16-10-1
Edmonton – 22GP 15-5-2
Minnesota – 23GP 16-5-2
Vancouver – 19GP 17-2-0

The Canucks are definitely the most anemic when it comes to goal scoring, so it comes as no surprise that they have played in only 19 games where they have scored 3 goals.  Compare that to 27 for Colorado. 

Colorado doesn’t seem to have a problem scoring goals this season as some may have thought they would.  Despite the goals, they have lost 10 games where they have scored 3 or more goals.  TEN GAMES!!!

Canucks have lost only 2.  Right there, that’s a 16 point difference in the standings.

In the Northwest Division, the Canucks and Calgary stand out above the others with their ability to win games when scoring 3 or more.  No surprise then when you look at the fact they also have the best two goalies in the division. 

If the Canucks can continue to get 3 goals, and rely on their star goaltender, they will continue to win games at an impressive rate.  It will be between them and Calgary at the end of the season fighting over the number 3 spot overall, and first in the division.

Colorado will be on the outside looking in with no chance because they have no goaltending.

The Chief Canuck

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