Northwest Division – Games in Hand

Through the first half of the year, every team in the Northwest Division has had games in hand on the Canucks.  And the Canucks had been struggling all this time to keep pace with the rest of the pack.

So far this season, every time  I looked at the divisional standings, it was staring right back at me.  Three games in hand for every team in the NW division and the team was barely keeping up in points. 

That was until now.

Since Christmas two things have happened.  The Canucks have been winning.  And they have also had some time off, which has allowed the other teams to play their games in hand.

Only the Calgary Flames still have a game in hand on the Canucks.  And Minnesota, who is tied with the Canucks in points, have already played one more game than the Canucks.

There is a lot of hockey left in the season, but the Canucks have done a good job of solidfying their position in the division.

Now, if only they can continue to score 3 goals a game.

The Chief Canuck

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