Game File 46: Canucks 4 Canadiens 0

That was a very convincing win against a normally very strong Canadiens team.  Knowing that the Canucks were going to play them soon, I’ve been trying to keep up with how they’ve been doing. 

And the Canadiens have been having trouble, but you don’t want a team to be too desperate when you meet them.  And they should have been extremely desperate in this game.

They’ve now played 3 games in 4 nights.  Apparently they are consistently winning that 3rd game when in this situation.  And after losing the last two, they should have been pumped and ready to roll in their first home game.

But the Canucks were so dominant.  They played a complete and total team game. 


Kevin Bieksa – 2 assists, plus-3, 25:31 of ice time
Ryan Kesler – 1 goal, 2 assists, plus-3, 15:58 of ice time
Josh Green – 1 goal, 1 assist, plus-2, 14:00 of ice time
Markus Naslund – 1 assist, plus-2, 17:24 of ice time
Roberto Luongo – 59 minutes of ice time, one shut-out

Nice work guys. 

And while the Sedin line was kept of the score board tonight, I did find myself getting mesmorized by those guys for long periods throughout the game.  I guess we’ll have to wait til Thursday when the team is in Ottawa to see Henrik get his 200th career assist.

I have to admit that until I looked it up just prior to the game, I had no idea that Luongo had so many career shutouts.  That one was the 30th of his career.  Dan Cloutier holds the team record for shutouts in one season with 7.  Luongo’s had 7 shutouts twice in his career, both times with a lousy Florida hockey club.  He basically got those ones on his own.

He may not have the team record today, but he’ll get it soon.


This award definitely goes to Sheldon Souray.  Twice he got caught at the point on the powerplay and took a penalty, taking the Canadiens off the power play.  When the Canucks took their third penalty, Souray was notably missing.

John Garret said that this was the best team game the team has played so far this season.  I think that we shouldn’t expect this high level of performance out of all those guys every night, but seeing the team score 10 goals in two games is impressive.

It’s also their 9th win in 10 games.  They seem to be getter better the further along they go here. 

And one last note, they are now 18-2 when scoring 3 or more goals and have been outshot in the last 9 games, going 8-1 in that period.

The Chief Canuck

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