Game File 46: Canucks 2 Senators 1

I’ve gotten away from doing good bad and ugly review over the last string of wins.  I think it’s because there is a lot of good stuff going on with this team, and it’s never the same thing every night.  And there just aren’t a lot of big glaring concerns like there were before.

Here’s an interesting thing I picked up on tonight.  Ohlund, Pyatt, & Luongo were given stars by the crew at Sportsnet.  I think they had pegged that one pretty good.  Especially putting Ohlund as the number 1 star.

On the NHL scores site, they had Luongo, Alfredsson, & Pyatt named the official three stars.  So tell me.  What happened to Ohlund?  And while we’ve all come to appreciated Luongo’s efforts, it wasn’t a number 1 star effort tonight.

The Canucks were outshot again tonight.  A consistent result in their last 11 games.  But tonight’s shots on goal were completely abysmal.  They were outshot 36-14.  Outshot by 22.  Then again, maybe that’s why Luongo was given the first star by the NHL.

But the Canucks had good chances, even better and more than the Senators. 

Luongo had to come out strong again in the first period because the Canucks were flat again.  You have to think that if Luongo wasn’t so consistent and playing the game at such a high level, the team would have been down before the game even started in every one of these road games.

But I guess that’s the point.  They have him.  The other teams don’t. 

They take take Raycroft, Huet, & Emery and put them all on one team and you still wouldn’t have what the Canucks have. 

Bryan Murray, you can take your Canuck trap and shove it.  We all know you’re just jealous.

Interesting Stat of the Night:  Kesler Ice Time – 18:14 D Sedin Ice Time – 15:39.  Since when did Kesler get more ice than a Sedin?

They’re winning, so there is no need to question it right now.

One more interesting stat, Canucks had only two players play less than 10 minutes tonight.  One of them left the game early, Mitchell, and I assume that he tweaked his groin a bit.  The other was Cowan and he still played 6:35.

Ottawa had two players play less than 4 minutes each.  Denis Hamel and Brian McGratton.  Why did they even dress these two guys. 

My all time favourite Brian Burke story is when he called Peter Schaffer Peter who.  I’m writing this at 9:55pm and I guarantee Don Taylor will call him Peter Who in the highlights tonight.


The Chief Canuck

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