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Here’s a whirlwind tour of NHL blogs on a variety of controversial issues. 

First off, Alanah from Canucks and Beyond runs through an article by Terry Frei (if you haven’t heard of him, you aren’t missing much).  I am personally of the opinion that the NW division is one of the strongest in the league. 

The divisional games are so even as there is no team that others can beat up on for quick easy points.  Note Detroit in the Central division with a 11-3-1 record, or Nashville sitting in the same division with a 15-4-1 record.  That’s because they have St. Louis, Columbus, and even Chicago to take advantage of. 

If ever there was a time where holding the 3rd place overall spot for a division leader was needed, it’s now.  Whoever wins the NW will well deserve at least that high a standing considering the battle they will have had to engage in to get there.

Over at the Hockey Hearsay on they discuss the best deal never made.  Apparently Ottawa had offered up Chris Phillips, Antoinne Vermette, and Ray Emery for Luongo.  If Ottawa could get that deal now, it would still be a good one.  Anytime you can get your hands on a game breaking player of Luongo’s status, it’s worth going after.  Just ask Brian Burke why he gave Edmonton so much for Pronger.  And now look at how well Anaheim is doing this year. 

It sounds like sour grapes coming from the nations capital to me after spending 2.5m / year on Corvo and 3.5 m / year on Gerber.

This blog fodder was forwarded to me on the Rorygate controversy by a good friend.  Or should I say conspiracy.  It seems there may have been an inside move by the league to manipulate the numbers to ensure no controversy every came of the vote4rory campaign.  How does the total votes end up with more in the East than the West if you have to submit votes for every position in both conferences?  It doesn’t unless you manipulated it.  The league again has shown themselves to be true winners here.

Speaking about the league, Tom Benjamin does an intersting write-up over at Canucks Corner on the leagues attendance numbers.  I think we can blame this fiasco on Bettman too.

And finally for those of you wanting to relive their last road trip where the Canucks went 3-0-1, check out the Canucks Week.  This group of guys went out and followed the Canucks to every one of their games on this latest trip.

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