Game File 49: Canucks 2 Kings 3 (OT)

A friend brought me along to the game on Friday.  He had the best line for what we saw that game.

It was exciting as cold porridge.

As ugly and unmotivating as that game was, here are a couple interesting things I picked up during the game.

Crawford had a rookie out on the ice at key points in the third period… check that, two rookies at one time out on the ice at key points in the third period.

It brings up an interesting point about a coaching job security.  The only thing that matters is wins and losses.  That’s it.  It’s what gets you another contract.

So for a team that is rebuilding, the coach needs to know that his job is secure.  That’s what allows a coach to make the right decisions for his team.  On Friday, that was having two rookies, who will become excellent players in the future, out on the ice.

That’s a refreshing change for Crawford, and something we never saw here in Vancouver.

When going to a game, I’ve always wanted to sit on the side of the rink that the Canucks shoot at twice.  It’s always fun to watch the home team score goals.

The seats I was in for this game were on the other side of the rink.  And I got a chance to watch Luongo up close for two periods. 

With an all-star in net, it makes watching the game from that end a lot of fun.  Thanks Luongo for making it fun to watch a Canucks game from anywhere in the arena.

I miss Sopel.

There I said it.  I know a lot of people didn’t like him or his hair, but I always did.  There is no one better at keeping the puck in at the point than Brent Sopel.

I had one question for Sopel… What’s it like playing in front of Cloutier again?

Actually, I have another question for him, why did you take a faceoff in the defensive zone?  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a defenseman take a faceoff, let alone at a time when no one was waived out of the faceoff circle. 

The Chief Canuck

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