What to do with Kesler?

Sign him to another 1 year deal.  That’s it.

And no, signing him to the terms he received from the offer sheet from Philadelphia was still not a mistake.  It’s called asset management.

Its’ something this organization hasn’t done for a long time.  It’s why they lost their first round pick from two years before in R.J. Umberger.

Really, Kesler is worth about half of what they are paying him.  But the rest of his salary should be considered an acquisition cost.  Kesler is an asset, and it cost the team $900K this year to keep (or acquire) this asset.

I heard an interesting story (I don’t remember where, so I can’t tell you the contributor), about the selling off of the Pittsburgh Penguins ‘assets’… translation: players.

How much would a Sidney Crosby be worth on the open market for the next 6 years?  $50 million? I bet there is a team out there willing to pay that for Crosby.  Kesler will become a serviceable 2nd line center, and being worth 1/50th of Crosby is not a far stretch.

As a matter of fact Crosby is probably still worth more, and Kesler about the same.  There is a huge value in a teams draft picks and that value cannot be taken lightly.

Blame Clarke if you’re upset about Kesler’s salary.  Not Kesler.  He’s a good player and came into some money.  I only wish I had such an easy road to an extra million dollars.  I wonder how I can get Clarke to call me up with an offer sheet?

And if you still looking for someone on the team to blame, blame Nonis.  He waited until well into September to lock him up.  If he had dealt with him earlier in the off season, this would never have happened. 

Having Kesler get injured is not a good thing for the Canucks.  There is no benefit.  They have cap space, but now need to give up assets to fill Kesler’s role.  And that’s a frustrating position to be in.

Especially when you look next door and see your division rival pick up a center that strengthened their club. 

For some other opinions on the Kesler situation, check out Dobber’s take, and Thomas Miller’s over at Canucks Rush.  They don’t agree with me, but it will give you another perspective.

The Chief Canuck

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