Game File 51: Canucks 2 Blue Jackets 3 (SO)

The Good

Forget it.  There was good stuff, but I’d rather tell you why they lost.

The Bad

For some reason unknown to me, the team decided they needed to get shots on net down.  I heard one of the players speaking to the fact that they don’t want Roberto to work as hard.

Here’s the question. 

Why would you change your game plan back to something that didn’t work for you from something that was working?

If the team is really worried about the work load on Roberto, don’t put him in as many games as you are.  You have a perfectly capable backup goalie, use him now while you still can.

So the team out shot their opponent by 9 shots, totalling 37.  And they only had two goals to show for it against a career minor league goalie in Ty Conklin.  Two goals!! 

They need three.  Three.  Three.  Three.

It’s the same story we talked about right up until the Xmas break and the team went on their winning streak. 

That’s the same time the team started letting shots get through to Luongo and we really started to get to see his true worth.

There is also the reality that Hitchcock has got the Columbus squad playing with more intensity.  Check out the Dose of Reality over at End of Bench for his take on the game and their play recently.

The Ugly

How is it that Naslund simply cannot score in a shootout? (BTW, I liked the fact he went to the net with a lot of speed, that’s a good change) 

How is it that Luongo lost a shootout to Ty Conklin? 

Why is Jan Bulis getting more ice time 5 on 5 than Taylor Pyatt? 

And why isn’t Canucks PPV in HD?

The Chief Canuck

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