Game File 52: Canucks 5 Oiler 3

The Good

Naslund look fantastic, and picked up two points tonight.  Most impressive though was the fact he got five shots on net.  More impressive even still was his goal late in the game which held up as the game winner. 

Can everyone lay off him for a bit now? 

As nice a goal the Sedin one was, you have to give a lot of credit to Pyatt clogging up space and the goalie’s line of sight in front of the net.  He didn’t get a point on the play, but he’s a great fit on that line regardless.

Brendan Morrison’s pass at the end of the game showed a lot of patience, and really confidence, on his part giving the puck over to Bulis for the clear shot into the empty net.  Although I did think that Bulis should have given the puck to Cooke to build up his confidence a bit.

I likethe fact that the team is getting scoring from everyone.  Even Chouinard.  Although I was listening to this on the radio, and knowing it was Chouinard on the breakaway, I wrote it off as a non-goal opportunity. 

I was wrong, what can I say.

The Bad

It wasn’t so much bad, but there were some crazy goals early on in the game.  Two of the ones against Luongo were unlikely.  So don’t worry too much about them, they weren’t weak, just crazy.

The Ugly

Ugly?  No way.  That was fun.

Other Notes

Lupul continues to frustrate Oil fans.  He takes 4 straight penalties for the team, including 3 in the third period.  Then goes out and scores a goal with the goalie pulled and less than a minute left. 

The only thing consistent about Lupul is his inconsistency.

I thought Smid, the other key player in the Pronger trade, is showing himself to be an impressive young defenseman.  His wrap around play on the Peterson goal showed just how strong he really is.

It’s typically not that common in today’s NHL to have an unassisted goal.  In tonight’s game, there were 3.  Scored by Reasoner, Chouinard, and Naslund.

And, get this, the Canucks outshot AND outscored their opponenet tonight.  The first time that’s happened since Boxing Day when they out shot Calgary 28 to 27 and won 3-1.  Mind you, they’ve also had 10 wins since then and now as well.

More stuff from the stat sheet that stuck out to me.  Linden was down by about 4 minutes in this game, coming in at 10:33.  Burrows and Chouinard were also about the same, and Jeff Cowan only played 2:57 and didn’t step on the ice in the third period. 

Check out the take on this game from an Edmonton Oilers perspective over at Covered in Oil.  Things aren’t looking good in the City of Champions.

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “Game File 52: Canucks 5 Oiler 3”

  1. Johan Says:

    Weren’t you ditching the whole Good, Bad and Ugly thing. Not that I mind, just wondering.

  2. I did, but only because I got bored of it. It’ll be back as long as the Canucks are inconsistent and different aspects of their game show their good, bad, or ugly head!!

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