Game File 54: Canucks 5 Oilers 2

The Good

Nedved driving towards the Canucks goal, Ohlund not only catches up to him, but keeps his stick on the ground, and drives Nedved out of the play and into the boards. 

Nedved has to get back up on his feet, skates out in front of the net, and hooks Salo.  Torres, who normally excels when playing Vancouver, takes a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, and puts his team down by two for two full minutes. 

Torres didn’t stop, and took an undisciplined 10 minute misconduct by complaining further to Dan Marouelli.  That was the second time Torres put the Oilers down by two.

But, the team needs to take advantage of situations like that.  And the Vancouver Canucks did exactly that. 

It’s enjoyable to see a team stay disciplined when needed, and not blow up their opportunities to move themselves forward.

It’s almost unbelievable to think that Daniel was involved in all 5 goals tonight.  The twins were absolutely on fire tonight.  Naslund looked great, and finished with 4 shots.  And Daniel who had 3 goals, also had 4 shots on net.

I thought Pyatt’s goal was pretty funny.  Daniel makes some crazy spinorama maneuver inside the blue line and makes a tape to tape pass to Henrik.  Henrik and Pyatt must have had a conversation previous to this. 

Here’s what Hank told him ‘ Taylor, just go to the net, and you can be my bumper, you know, like in a pin ball machine’.  Henrik proceeds to just shoot the puck towards Pyatt who’s doing exactly as he’s told, the puck bounces off him and a goalie’s pad, directly into the net.

It’s no wonder Henrik has so few goals, he’s having too much fun just shooting the puck off other people to get a goal.

The Bad

I hate the camera angle at Rexall place.  I always get confused on line changes and the flow of the play when watching a game from there.  If you didn’t realize it, the camera faces the penalty boxes as opposed to viewing the players bench as it does in most NHL arenas.

The Ugly

The line change was hard to catch (probably because of the bad camera angle), but that’s what caused Stortini and Sykora to be so open when the Oilers scored their second goal.

But I have to wonder why the rebound was so open.  I guess the goalie can’t be expected to hold everything in.  After all, Luongo was way out of his net to cut down the angle. 

No excuse for the rest of the team though.  Lou did what he had to do.

Other Notes

The Canucks are now 21-3-1 when scoring 3 or more goals. Very impressive. 

But there is still a need on the team.  If the team has lost Krajicek for any period of time, you have to think that it will wear pretty hard on the big three of Ohlund, Mitchell, & Bieksa. 

The Canucks can’t afford that if they want them fresh for a long playoff push.

Nonis needs to keep working the phones for a center and defenseman.  With Kesler out, and Krajicek hurt, now is the time to make a deal.

Around the Blogosphere:
The Battle of Alberta has a few funny quips about Matt Cooke and the Sedins.  But if you want something really entertaining, read the comments.  They are priceless.
Irreverent Oil Fan is looking to bring Samsonov back to Edmonton to bring some relief.  I say go for it.  Samsonov is making 3.75m and has only 7 goals and 22 points in 52 games this year. 

If you missed yesterdays post about the MLS and NHL, go back and take a read.  The NHL governors and owners need to give their heads a shake.

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “Game File 54: Canucks 5 Oilers 2”

  1. joe leksell Says:

    always a pleasure reading your blogs win or lose

  2. Zanstorm Says:

    I don’t know if it was the rum or some other distraction, but I had forgotten about Ohlund’s beauty defensive play on Nedbad, I mean Nedved.
    What a game!
    The Oiler fans have the biggest hate-on for Cooke now, if they didn’t already!

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