This is one of the craziest and most dramatic maneuvers for a relatively minor sport I have ever seen. 

It happened when the LA Galaxy Major League Soccer team landed the most well known star in any football/soccer league in the world, David Beckham.  But that’s not the news I want to talk about, that’s already old news. 

But, look at what MLS has done now.  They topped it.

They’ve gone out and changed the MLS schedule in 2007 to ensure that every single team gets an opportunity to see him.  Imagine that, wanting every team to get to see their leagues super star in live action. 

Gary Bettman, the NHL Governors, and everyone associated with this league need to figure this out quick.  You are no longer a top 4 league in the USA.  You’re destroying the league.  Don’t look over your shoulder now, it’s too late, MLS just stepped into the fast lane.

Check out this article at to get the full story.

I’m now a fan of soccer.  And will watch every game I can.  I guarantee they will have more games in HD than the NHL will in Canada. 

It’s pathetic to even think about really. 

On a lighter note, and for those of you that missed it, this was one of the best Superbowl ads this year… featuring a few stars, but most notably, David Beckham pronouncing he plays football for an L.A. team.

The Chief Canuck

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