Game Files: Key Games

No Canucks for a few days, so here’s something to tied you over til the Thrashers arrive at GM Place on Saturday. 

Red Wings 0 Blues 1
For those of you still upset with the Canucks loss to the Blackhawks, realize that even great teams have off nights.  No team can finish 82-0.  It’s how a team responds to those losses that separates the great teams from the average.  Count on a big win from Detroit in their next game… and from your Vancouver Canucks.

Flames 1 Blue Jackets 2
Thank-you Ken Hitchcock.  We appreciate your efforts in helping us keep within a point of the Flames for the division lead.  Then again, maybe we should thank Jim Playfair for playing McLennan tonight over Kipper. 

Avalanche 3 Thrashers 6
The Thrashers are on a Western road swing and will be here on Saturday.  This Atlanta win is clearly good for the Canucks as it keeps another divisional opponent down.  Nice work Atlanta, I just hope that you used up all that magic and have nothing left for Saturday when you play the Canucks.

Wild 4 Panthers 2
To the Florida fans, as sorry as you team is, we do not apologize for our success and your continued failure.  We are, however, sorry that you did not have enough firepower or defense to beat up the Wild tonight.  But you only play them once this year, and not again for 3 years according to the current schedule, so we’ll live with that for now.

Penguins 5 Flyers 4 (SO)
Okay, this game doesn’t affect the Canucks, but you have to love the talent this team has.  However, in this win, neither Malkin or Crosby recorded a point.  That’s a good sign for a young team trying to hold on to a playoff position.

Over at Battle of Alberta they discuss the fact that one of Detroit or Nashville will be seeded lower than the Northwest Division leader.  I have to agree with BOA on this one.  First, Kypreos should get bent, and second, the fact that Detroit and Nashville get to feed on bottom feeders for an excessive number of games does not make them better teams than the Canucks or the Flames. 

Over at Jenny’s Weblog she talks about the retirement of Mark Messier’s #11 in Edmonton.  There is obviously no discussion of such a thing here in Vancouver.  But after the debacle the club creating in unceremoniously ‘unretiring’ the number 11 when Messier joined the team, I think I would agree with Jenny and think the team should officially retire it in Wayne Maki’s honour.  If you don’t know about Wayne Maki, she has a nice little write-up on who he was, what happened, and why it was such a disgrace on the franchise.

The Chief Canuck

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