Game File 56: Canucks 3 Thrashers 2

The Good

Markus Naslund winds up and takes a slap shot off a pass from call up Brad Moran.  That slap shot is not something that Naslund pulls out very often, but it was played perfectly on this play with the shot going right through the crowd and in the net.

Part of the reason there was so much traffic was due to Taylor Pyatt’s presence right in front of Lehtonen.  While Pyatt ended the night with no points, you can credit him for creating that opportunity.

Gotta love the ability to rewind using the PVR.  The next goal was a perfect example of a time when a goal came just too quickly afterwards to really see what happened.

Here’s what happened, Linden protects the puck off the boards in the offensive zone, passes back to Salo for the big shot from the point.  Morrison reaches around a Thrasher player to tip the puck as he’s sliding backwards.

That goal was a result of the Canucks not letting off the gas. 

Tonight was all about effort and hard work again.  It’s clear that they need to do this if they want to keep winning hockey games.

The Bad

When is Sabourin going to play?  At some point, against non divisional opponents, he’s got to get inserted into the lineup.  Luongo will not be able to play 75 NHL games, plus a bunch of rounds in the playoffs.

Other Notes

Why has Naslund gone away from the wrister?  I can only see two reasons why we’ve seen him shift away from it. 

One, he’s looking to expand his game to bring a new element to the table to surprise the opposition with becuase the wrister wasn’t having as much success as it did in the past.

Two, due to elbow and shoulder injuries, that have gone largely unreported, his wrister simply doesn’t have the impact it once did.  My guess is that in the years to come, we’ll find out that Naslund played through a lot of pain over the 2004/06/07 seasons that we weren’t aware of.

Back to the game, on the Canucks first goal, Kovalchuk had tried to carry the puck into the Canucks zone by himself while his team was trying to make a line change. 

There were 5 Canuck players lined up at the blue line, and Kovalchuk turned over the puck.  The Canucks came back and scored a goal on that same play.

Kovalchuk is a super star in this league and it was nice to be able to see the team play against them.  Are all the Super Stars in the East now?  Hossa, Kovalchuk, Malkin, Crosby, Ovechkin, & Heatley. 

The Chief Canuck

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One Comment on “Game File 56: Canucks 3 Thrashers 2”

  1. Johan Says:

    apart from the uber-talented sharks, yeah they are all in the East. The Ducks have great chemistry, but only a couple of big-name stars.

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