Canuck Trade Rumours Running Rampant

I’ve read a ton of trade rumours over the last week.  Talk is definitely going on out there, and Nonis will do something.

But one thing should be recognized about Nonis, he’s sooooo patient.  It’s almost excrutiatingly painful as a fan, but it’s a good thing for the team as well. 

Anyways, here are the most recent rumours I’ve read:

Peter Forsberg, Philadelphia
Who wouldn’t want a healthy Foppa?  Problem is, no one knows how healthy this guy really is.  If he makes it to the end of the year, I doubt he’ll ever be able to come back.  Anyways, the rumour is that the Canucks are willing to part with Edler, one of their second round picks in 2007, and another in 2008.  My guess is that there will be better offers out there than this one for Philadelphia to consider.  Although, I think this is a pretty fair trade based on Forsberg’s foot issues.

Richard Zednik, Washington
This one caught me by surprise when I heard it.  But it could be a good short term solution.  Actually, nix that, it reminds me of the Rucinsky and Sanderson experience from a few years back.  That said, the asking price is only a 3rd round pick or higher, which isn’t very much for an organization with 3 second round picks this year.

Frederik Modin, Columbus
This one didn’t surprise me.  It would be a good depth pickup for a rental player that can actually play a regular shift.  He would easily slide into Kesler’s spot until his return.  It shouldn’t cost the Canucks much once the Blue Jackets finally give up hope of making the playoffs. 

These are the types of trades Nonis needs to keep considering as we close in on the trade deadline.  Calgary has clearly stepped up to the plate and obtained two quality guys to fit into their roster.  (On a side note, I always admire with a bit of jealousy GM’s that are quick to pull the trigger on deals like that). 

While Nonis’ patience is good for a long term perspective, it hasn’t served the team well in past years.  Think of the last minute deals to get Weinrich, Carney, Sanderson, or Rucinsky.  All bad deals that were done with only seconds left on the clock.

All I’m saying is, it would be nice to see something done sooner than later.  Meaning it was done on the Canucks terms and not out of last minute desperation to make a deal. 

The next few weeks should be interesting.

The Chief Canuck

Updated 07/02/13 8:34am:  Just a reminder to all you readers that these are rumours only.  While I read them on other blogs and sites, I would definitely not consider the source either reliable or unreliable.  But with any rumour, they are always fun to think about what would or could be.  So enjoy.  BTW, over at the Canucks forum , they seem to be having some fun with the Forsberg rumour.  Apparently Edler is highly valued in this market by the fans and some feel he’s too much to give up.  The Chief Canuck.

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5 Comments on “Canuck Trade Rumours Running Rampant”

  1. Shapperson Says:

    I wish I knew how to quit you.

  2. Jeff Ventura Says:

    I’m a Red Wings guy, and there’s a rumor that Foppa is looking at the Wings too. Of course, I also hear that the Wings are courting Bertuzzi and Bill Guerin as well, so hell, it’s the wild wild West at the moment. Who knows how all this shakes out?

    Go Wings! 😉

  3. feartheseeds Says:

    Okay… picture this. Toronto drops (further) out of contention. Sundin “deserves” a Cup shot. Sundin to Vancouver to play with Naslund for a roster player, a young guy who can skate, a couple of high draft picks and some Olympic hockey tickets. Maybe it happens if we get the rumour started.

  4. tixxx Says:

    If Nonis doesn’t pull the trigga, now very likely the ‘Nucks will finish behind the Flames… that being said, Forsberg won’t be coming to Vancouver. Nonis would not roll the dice on PF at this point in his own contract… risk/reward ratio way too high.

  5. Tixxx, Calgary definitely stepped up to the plate with two key early deals. I agree that they’ll finish at least in second in the division if Nonis doesn’t do something quick.

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