More Rampant Rumours

If you can believe it, there are even more rumours today.

I think you have to look at the rumour mill this way.  Rumours are usually based on either peoples desires for a team, or from actual talk that has taken place.  But typically what you find is that when a deal gets done, it’s not for a guy that anyone had on their radar.   Especially with the tight lipped Vancouver Canucks.

Look at how Calgary scooped Brad Stuart out from under Edmonton.  All the talk for weeks was that Kevin Lowe was trying to pry him out of Boston, but his provincial rival scoops him right out from under his nose.  I have to think that it was possible for Lowe to put together a better trade offer than Andrew Ference and Chuck Kobasew.

Either way, the rumours didn’t ever mention Calgary.

So for rumours involving the Canucks, if it’s a defenseman that will not play in the top three on the team, and his salary is reasonable (ie. under 2.5 million), then the rumour has a possibility.  Nonis will only be looking for depth on his D at this time of year.

For the forwards, if the guy can take a regular shift as a top 6 forward (really meaning he’s a second line guy), then it’s a possibility.  Again assuming his salary fits the budget.  If you hear of Kesler going on Injured Reserve, expect the Canucks to take a larger salary.  Meaning Forsberg could really be in the mix.  Also, if the rumour is about a centerman, it’s more likely true than if it’s a winger.  The team really needs to fill Kesler’s spot.  That is of course unless Moran and Chouinard can turn in on in the next week.

And if Nonis comes out and says just before the deadline that he’s not going to mortgage the future, that really means he has about 8 deals he’s working on, and waiting for someone to break.  Remember this is a guy that was involved in 5 of the 25 deals made at the last trade deadline.  That was 20% of the total trades made that day.

Here’s some crazy new rumours to talk about:

Marco Sturm – Boston
A top six guy (really a second liner).  As the last guy left from the Joe Thornton trade, Boston wants to remove themselves completely from that disaster.  And his salary fits the Canucks structure at 2.05m per year.  I haven’t heard what the Canucks would give up on this one.

Bryan Smolinski – Chicago
This is a rumour I think has legs.  Chicago wants to retool yet again, and Smolinski doesn’t fit.  He does fit the Canucks needs though.  In the last year of a deal making 1.9m, he’s a great replacement for Kesler and could easily play on the second line as either a center or winger.  If the price gets better, look for Nonis to pull the trigger.

Ruslan Fedotenko – Tampa Bay
Tampa gave up a huge amount of assets to get this guy from Philadelphia and it paid off for them.  Ruslan scored the game winning… sorry, the cup winning goal against Calgary in 2004.  His salary fits in at 1.65m, and he’s a top six guy.  Exactly what the Canucks need.

Bebunking Other Rumours
Kevin Weekes –
The team doesn’t need another backup, Sabourin is a great goalie.  Especially a used up backup like Kevin Weekes.  Give me a break.
Geoff Sanderson – Didn’t the Canucks already play this tune?  No chance the speedy winger comes here.  Maybe in a past life… oh wait, we already lived that too!

Not much else to write about those two old tired stories.  I think sometimes people just throw names out there to see if they stick.  Those two names don’t stick, they smell.

Whatever, the weeks to come should be entertaining if nothing else. 

The Chief Canuck

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