Game File 57: Canucks 3 Wild 2 (OT)

The Good

The Canucks came out flying to claim on their second win against the Wild this season.  Absolutely flying.

All cylinders were clicking…. The Sedin Line had a goal, Morrison had two assists, and a defenseman also chipped in with a tally.

Speaking of Salo, that’s twice this year I’ve seen a defenseman skate in alone and roof the puck backhand into the net.  Last time it was Ohlund when he just got out of the penalty box.  This time Cooke sprung Salo in.  That’s something you don’t see too often.

But really this game was won by Luongo.  The team did their part by getting 3 goals, and Luongo kept everything else out of the net. 

That is going to be magnificent in the playoffs.  It’s always the hot goaltender than propels teams forward.  Roloson and Ward from last year.  And now it should be Luongo from this year.

The Bad

The Canucks had 17 shots in the first period, but came out with only a 1 goal lead.  Instead of keeping the foot to the floor, they swapped goals in the second before Gaborik finally tied it up for good until overtime.

While they still outshot the Wild 34-32, it was too close for comfort.  Just ask Luongo.

If you let the Wild hang around, they’ll do that, they’ll just hang around and wait for their one little chance and take advantage of it.  All I can say is that if we had any other goalie, the game would not have been nearly this close.

As it stands, giving a point up to the Wild isn’t the worse thing.  The team still drove into first place and left Minnesota back a point.

The Ugly

I know that Rolston has been killing the Canucks this year, but it’s Wes Walz that drives me absolutely crazy.

Other Notes

There were two great defensive plays in overtime.  Both involved Henrik Sedin.  

First H. Sedin came back and used his stick to kill a pass over to Wes Walz.   Coming back the other way, Brent Burns lays out on the ice to reach a cross ice pass to Henrik from Daniel to prevent a great opportunity.

Those are the types of plays that make overtime in the regular season so exciting.

On the winning goal, have you ever seen Sami Salo so excited about scoring anything?  That’s a loose bunch that’s going to continue to win great games.

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “Game File 57: Canucks 3 Wild 2 (OT)”

  1. Temujin Says:

    That’s a loose bunch that’s going to continue to win

    Couldn’t agree more. The whole team went crazy after that goal, and Burrows’ clothesline of Salo will be emulated for years!

  2. I meant to mention that clothes line when I wrote this… that’s the problem when I don’t make notes during a game!!

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