Game File 58: Canucks 2 Blackhawks 1 (SO)

The Good

I think these game updates need a restructure.  It should become The Fantastic, The Good, and The Bad.

While there has been idle talk about Roberto being nominated as  MVP, I think that this game against Chicago solidified that position. 

Over at JJ’s Hockey Blog, he put up a youtube clip of the one save that left you wondering what happpend.  Go over to his blog for some more talk on that save.

I believe.

in Roberto Luongo.

He’s said that nothing is getting between him and his first playoff berth.  And I believe him.

The Bad

Why is it that the Blawkhawks and Wild and Blues and Kings give the Canucks so much trouble.  Josh Plummer wrote a good piece about this team playing to the competitions level for as long as he could remember.  You’ve got to get halfway through the post to get to the talk on this, but he makes an excellent conclusion.

The Ugly

I don’t think Jan Bulis is interested in the playoffs.  I think he’s still more concerned about getting goals so that he can get a better contract somewhere else next year.

At least that’s the appearance he give.  It’s interesting to see different players drive come though.  Right now, it looks like Luongo and Bulis are trying to get to different places.

The Chief Canuck

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2 Comments on “Game File 58: Canucks 2 Blackhawks 1 (SO)”

  1. tixxx Says:

    I’d heard about that save but hadn’t actually seen it until here. It looks like a lucky save but he had to anticipate, time it and quickly open the snare. Lots of skill there to make the save look lucky.

  2. Shawn Says:

    That was a great save, thanks for posting the video!

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