Game File 59: Canucks 5 Avalanche 4

The Good

Nearly a month before the season started, I did a prediction of which teams would not make the playoffs in the Western Conference.  Colorado was included in that mix.  With the loss of Tanguay & Blake this year, only one year after losing Foote & Forsberg, they simply could not recover.  Add to that their inability to get any consistency in net.  Simply put, they are now weak in Offense, Defense, & Goal.  It can’t get much worse for them than that.

And I am thrilled. 

While you have to give Colorado credit for their play down low, the Canucks got a lot of scoring, and enough defense and goaltending to win it.

After all, that’s all that matters.  Sometimes it is just one or two plays that can dictate an entire game.  And Roberto continues to be that game breaker, doing exactly what he needs to to get the team in the win column.

The Bad

The one stat that continues to baffle me is the ice time for Jan Bulis.  He consistently gets more ice time than Alexander Burrows.  I know Burrows only has one goal, but who would you throw out there when you look down the bench?

The talk around town is all about the chemistry between Cooke & Morrison.  I don’t know why this is all of a sudden news worthy.  These guys have played a ton of games on the same line before, so it’s not new.  What should be reported is that they are playing well together when they both use their feet and actually skate with some passion and determination.  While their styles differ completely, they have one common point of success.  And that’s their ability to skate.

Morrison seems to have picked up his pace, and Cooke, while still inconsistent, is trying to follow suit.  It’s when these two guys move their feet, they have great success.  All they need to do is stick to their own game plan, the ones that made them good NHLer’s in the first place, and they will continue to have success. 

Sorry, nothing exciting in that bit, but the credit needs to be with the individual where due.  Here’s it’s not so much chemistry as determination.  I just wonder where it is on the other nights?

Other Notes

Joe Sakic got his 600th career goal the other night.  He is the one shining bright spot on the Colorado organization.  To put this in perspective, the most goals ever scored by a Vancouver Canuck belongs to your current captain, Markus Naslund, with 316 (+25 as a Penguin).  Congrats to Burnaby Joe.  And to all you fans still yearning to see him in a Canuck uniform one day, I say that dream is quickly coming to an end.  Gone are the days where someone stays with one team their entire career, with Joe Sakic will likely be the final end of that era.

The Chief Canuck

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3 Comments on “Game File 59: Canucks 5 Avalanche 4”

  1. Johan Says:

    Well hang on a sec, the emergence of Stasny, Wolski and Budaj are hardly sore spots.
    And you gotta love John Michael Liles’ cheapshot on Ryan Smyth.

  2. Those guys are doing fine and will likely become good NHLer’s. We know that Colorado has a history of great drafting, the comments above weren’t knocking that. The point is that they always coupled their great draft picks with a lot of veteran expensive talent, which consistently pushed them over the top. They can’t do that anymore and with the albatross contract that is Theodore, they are now suffering even more. Tanguay, Forsberg, Foote, Blake, and Roy are not equally replaced by Liles, Brisebois, Brunette, Statsny, Wolski, and Budaj. It’s just not the same level of depth. The playing field has been leveled and they’ve failed to adjust adequately.

  3. Zanstorm Says:

    I predicted the Avs to make too, Chief. They aren’t that far off. We were close!

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